Growth Capital

Founded in 2017, Growth Capital (GC) is the leading financial Advisor for outstanding entrepreneurs who manage innovative startups and SMEs with high growth potential.

The mission of GC is to guarantee to its clients the access to funding that creates value, supporting them in a wide spectrum of transactions: from capital increases, during its early stages, to growth capital until private equity transactions. We provide our clients with everything they need for their fundraising, matching them with high-level investors with strategic or operational fit and ensuring that the capital raise is successful.

Our best business card is our track record: closed 90% of the mandates that GC has signed.

GC was founded by Cross Border, a leading Italian M&A advisory firm with more than 350 transactions completed, and Fabio Mondini de Focatiis, Venture Partner of Idinvest Partners – one of the world largest VC firms – and successful Business Angel.

What we do

Growth Capital advises its clients during the entire length of the fundraising process with the constant and direct involvement of the senior team in all of its phases:

  • Creation of the Storyline and preparation for the Fundraising.
  • Preparation of Industry Analysis, Business Plan and Valuation.
  • Executive Summary Review and Pitch Deck revision.
  • Target List of potential investors and strategic/operative fit review.
  • Formal investors introduction and meetings.
  • Term Sheet and Shareholders Agreement Negotiation.
  • Assistance in the initial phase of the collaboration with the new shareholder.

Why working with us?

In the role of financial advisor who shares the entrepreneur’s view and goals, GC creates value supporting the company in obtaining funds by providing:

  • Higher chance of success thanks to our advisory service on strategy and business model.
  • Timing optimization: our approach allows entrepreneurs to save a considerable amount of time and to focus on growing the value of their company.
  • The most suitable investor: we are able to identify the most appropriate partner under strategic, operational or financial point of view.
  • Better terms and conditions, leveraging our experience in the negotiation phase to obtain the highest valuation and the best shareholders’ agreement.

The network created by Cross Border and Fabio Mondini de Focatiis, through hundreds of transactions, generated strong relationships with several different actors: Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, Corporates and Financial Investors.