• 2 Lug 2019

Soleko since 1975 manufactures and markets renowned quality contact lenses, care solutions and it was the first Italian company to produce Intraocular Contact Lenses (1992). Soleko operates internationally in 52 countries and 4 different continents. It generates approx. than € 16mln of turnover, of which ore than half generated abroad.

Menicon is Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer founded in 1951, and is now represented in over 80 countries.

The acquisition of Soleko allows Menicon to directly enter into the Italian disposable contact lens market (the second largest in Europe after the UK), to add new product lines (Intra Ocular Lenses) and to have an European logistic hub of leans care solutions.

Cross Border  thanks to its strong competences in the vision care market originated the transaction leveraging on the strong production and R&D competences of Soleko with Menicon’s need to further  penetrate Europe through a milestone acquisition in terms of industrial synergies and commercial network.